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crummy crossover

If you don't find this funny, don't worry it's normal : I just have no sense of humor. \o/

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Little Solider Boy the Wolf Boss playlist

Kay, so I got a request to do a Wolf Boss fanmix (heehee I'm getting requests now!) and sooo I made one, this was tricky, because I wanted to make this like a loyal servant kind of thing, not like crazy shlashy! Which some of them are a toss up of wether they are or not, but whatev...

1.) The Good Life by Three Days Grace
2.) The Animal by Disturbed
3.) One More Soul to The Call by Akira Yamaoka (You can find this on the Silent Hill 5 OST)
4.) Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold
5.) Renegade by Styx
6.) Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack
7.) Warrior by Disturbed
8.) Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
9.) Ignorance by Paramore
10.) Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds to Mars
11.) 10th Man Down by Nightwish
12.) Goodbye-Gate 21 (Rock Remix) by Serj Tankian
13.) Toy Solider by I:Scintillia
14.) Search and Destroy by Skunk Anansie
15.) Devil's Swing by Godsmack
16.) Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas
17.) I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy
18.) Running up That Hill by Placebo
19.) The Bird and the Worm by The Used
20.) Over and Over by Three Days Grace
21.) Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
22.) Burning Down the House by The Used
23.) 7 Days to The Wolves by Nightwish
24.) Burn it To the Ground by Nickleback
25.) Love/Hate Heartbreak by Halestorm
26.) Headstrong by Trapt
27.) Break by Three days Grace
28.) The Howling by Within Temptation
29.) War and Peace by Godsmack
30.) Burn for You by Jace Everett

False king part 2

Ok, so after posting the first one, somehow my playlist has gotten inexplicably bigger! And growing! so here's the newest songs that I've added to the playlist dedicated to the great Lord Shen!

30.) Burn by Three Days Grace
31.) Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars
32.) Hole Solution by Android Lust
33.) Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin
34.) My Device by Ayria
35.) Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria
36.) False Prophecy by Abney Park
37.) Bring Me The Disco King (Loner Mix) by David Bowie
38.) Let You Down by Three Days Grace
39.) I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin
40.) Down with The Sickness by Disturbed ( I put this one in here cause I've also heard the second background story given in the novel, where Shen was born tiny and sickly, and his parents ashamed of him because of his sickly state and his white coloring.)
41.) Bones by Little Big Town (This is a great song for ANY villain!)
42.) I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
43.) To Be Loved by Papa Roach
44.) I Blame You by Godsmack
45.) The End Has Come by Ben Moody
Enjoy this batch! I'm sure there will be more to come!


SKIDOOSH! is a forum dedicated to Dreamworks SKG's Kung Fu Panda franchise. We currently have a forum wide plot going and are looking for interested members to play canon characters, however, don't be discouraged if the character you want has been taken. You can choose from the remaining canons or register an original one. We also provide fun activities and contests which can earn members medals or graphic requests from administrators.

It looks like the whole Kung Fu Panda 2 score is available to listen to on the Dreamworks "For Your Consideration" Awards Site here at http://www.dwaawards.com/kungfupanda2/#url=score

False King: A Lord Shen Fan Mix

After seeing a couple of Fanmixes on here I decided to give it a shot!
I made this with a thought in mind, and that was Shen was a nutbucket and I just happen to have lots of songs that remind me of him, and/or fit his personality/state of mind! Enjoy! 

1.) False King by Two Steps from Hell *instrumental* (Now you know where I got the Title! ;D)
2.) From Yesterday by 30 Seconds from Mars
3.) Vorpal Blade by Chris Vrenna *instrumental* 
4.) Monster by Skillet
5.) Amaranth by Nightwish
6.) In the Shadows by The Rasmus
7.) White Bird by KT Tunstall
8.) Rocket Collecting by Milla
9.) Still Standing by The Rasmus
10.) Crazy by Gnarles Barkley (How could I NOT put this in here?!)
11.) Little Bird by Imogen Heap
12.) Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle (I listen to this now and think of Shen when he orders the attack on Po's village!)
13.) Off with her Head by Jason Tai *instrumental* (Anyone else see Shen being a Queen of Hearts type?)
14.) Time to Burn by The Rasmus (I like songs about burning and fire for Shen don't I?)
15.) Break me Down by RED
16.) Everything Burns by Ben Moody feat. Anistacia (Look! There's another one!)
17.)Hands of Sorrow by Within Temptation
18.) Forces of Destiny by Two Steps from Hell *instrumental* (I swear all of these songs I had laying around on my iTunes!)
19.) Set Fire to the Rain by ADELE (I think I can make a drinking Game out of this! Every time you see a song about Fire or contains the word Fire in it, take a shot!)
20.) The Bird and the Worm by The Used
21.) Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace (I regret NOTHING!)
22.) I Devise My Own Demise by Papa Roach
23.) Coming Undone by Korn
24.) Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoka
25.) The Wreckoning by Boomkat
26.) The Noose by A Perfect Circle
27.) Viva la Vida by Coldplay
28.) I Don't Care by Apocalyptica
29.) The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins (I will warn you this one is near impossible to find if you just want to download it free, it's from their album Rarities and Oddities, and I had to go to Amazon and get it, thankfully it was a .99 cent download! You can also hear this in the movie trailers for Watchmen.)
Long playlist, huh? lol

Soundtrack question

Hi everyone. :) Besides being new to the community, and to LJ in general, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question.
I'm looking for music from the second Kung Fu Panda movie. It's what plays when Gongmen City is introduced, as Master Ox and Master Croc are sparring - the scene directly after Po talks to his dad about being adopted.
As far as I know, it's not on the soundtrack (I searched through all the tracks, but couldn't find it.) Is there any possible way to get this music? I'm surprised they didn't include it because it's awesome and beautiful. :(


I don't know if anyone be interested at all, but anyone here interested in rping Kung Fu Panda? I am open to slash and mature scenarios and I prefer it, but I don't mind fluff or action situations either.

Probably won't get any responses, but though I'd ask XD
Hey everyone. I made some icons of Fenghuang from Legends of Awesomeness and figured you'd all be interested.


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  • [Fanart]

    Happy Halloween!... in late. Sorry about that, I couldn't finish my drawing in time >_>; So hum, here is a kind of "family portrait" with some Gongmen citizens during Shen childhood : Shen himself, Wolf-Boss-when-he-wasn't-Wolf-Boss-yet, Shen's parents, the Soothsayer and Master Thundering Rhino.

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