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Wilted flower

A/N Just currently got done watching Enter The Dragon and i've got to say that's one rockin episode, not only did it have just the right amount of drama it also had Shifu show concern for the Dragon Warrior aka Po. I've always loved Shifu and Po's relationship so i decided to do an alternate ending to the episode.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Kung Fu Panda characters or the episodes.

Summery: Alternate ending to the episode Enter The Dragon, Ke-Pa turns the tables defeating the Dragon Warrior resulting in major changes to the Jade Palace and the village. With Po's strength already weakened the furious five and Shifu take care of Po and try to bring peace back to the valley, can Ke-Pa be stopped? or is China and the world doomed?.

A dark laugh erupted through out what used to be the peaceful valley although now you couldn't tell since the current doom that had been placed over it, loud smashes and ground shakes could be heard as Ke-Pa attacked what was left of the Dragon Warrior. The Peach tree had restored Po's che but at a cost, his energy not being nearly as strong as the original which led to his bruised and battered body, the Five and Master Shifu could only watch in horror as Ke-Pa attacked their friend and any hopes of this Dragon being as Po would say taken down. Ke-Pa was relentless showing no mercy to his victim, his claws smashing the Panda from one boulder to another. How the Panda was still alive even Master Shifu had no idea, he had already almost lost the loveable Panda once and how it looked he was going to lose him again, at least if they didn't do something to stop Ke-Pa.

"I dunno how much longer Po can keep this up" Monkey said in alarm "we have to do something Po may be the Dragon Warrior but he's not immortal".

"But what can we do?" Viper asked her gaze never leaving his friend "Ke-Pa is to strong even with the Five of us and Shifu there's no way we can take him without having the same fate as Po".

A low growl erupted from Tigress's mouth, her fist clenched as she gazed at the Dragon with a hateful expression. It took a lot for Tigress to hate someone, sure she would strongly dislike people, like she did with Po at the beginning. However true hate was rare for her, even with her temper. Never in her life did she hate someone like she hated Ke-Pa at that very moment, when she almost lost Po it had destroyed her broken her heart in two. Po was her best friend, her comrade in battle, someone whom she had eating contests with and could make her laugh. Po and death did not mix they needed him more than he could ever know, it wasn't romance that tied the panda and Tiger together no that belonged to Shifu no it was much deeper than that. It was true friendship.

From when Shen almost took Po's life the Tiger had noticed a change in her father's demeanor, the annoyance that always filtered over her adopted father's features had changed to concern. She found Shifu becoming more patient with the panda which was a big step in itself, Tigress knew the feelings her father harbored for the Dragon Warrior all to well.

It was love.

Up until a few months ago Tigress had pulled her Master aside confronting him of his odd behavior, after much persistence Tigress finally got him to confess his feelings for the Panda. Shifu might act like a hard-core Master and he was, to a certain extent. When it came to love or emotional feelings however, the Master had became the student in Tigress's eye's. Despite the Tiger's attempts Shifu had straight out refused to admit any such feelings to said panda, claiming that Po had plenty of other options and why would he want to resort to being with a old man such as himself.

Tigress gazed at her father whose eye's never seemed to leave the battle between his student and Ke-Pa, she knew that look in her fathers eye's, it was a fierce determination, a built-in furry if you will. In a second Tigress knew Shifu would do whatever it took to save Po's life, even if it meant giving up his own to protect him. Shifu was a very selfless man, always putting everyone else well-being before his own, as he did when he protected Po saying he had the Hero's Che. He knew all along that Po was the one who had it, he had gone to great lengths to protect his students. Especially Po who he acted like he was mad at just to have Po leave, Of course being as big-hearted as Po was he obligated without question. In all honesty the Tiger wondered why she hadn't seen it before since Shifu wouldn't even look at him, or any of them for that matter as the Panda slowly left.

A furious aura radiated off Shifu's body as his piercing gaze looked up to his student who was losing badly at Ke-Pa's claw, he knew there was no way even with himself and the furious five that they could take down such a powerful Demon like Ke-Pa. He was a force not to be reckoned with, even someone as powerful as Ogway was had a hard time defeating had been stronger and more powerful than them all put together, despite the odds stacked against him and the fact that they most likely wouldn't live from this battle Shifu wasn't about to let his student fight this battle alone. True Po had been selfish and in a way this was his fault, but he had come back to mend his mistakes and more than made up for it.

"Master Shifu?" Viper's soft voice rang through the Master's ears "what do we do?".

Shifu's ears flatted against his head his hand balling into a fist.

"We fight Po has sacrificed himself for the good of the Jade Palace and for the village, we mustent let him do this alone you have all trained hard my students I have total faith in you. We must fight with our Dragon Warrior, without Po we are lost". Shifu turned to his students his eye's holding a raging furry in them that not even Tigress had seen before, I want all of you to attack at different angles Monkey you hit him from behind! Mantis you hit him from above! Crane you and Viper hit him from either side, Tigress you do a surprise attack from underneath him and I'll go for the head! We must hurry I don't think Po can handle Ke-Pa's furry much longer go now!".

All Five and Master Shifu made a B-line for the Dragon who was to busy beating up Po to notice, if they were to die they would die with honor and saving their Dragon Warrior.

A/N Anyway that was chapter one, i hope you enjoyed it :). I should have chapter 2 up soon, have a great and safe rest of your week.


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